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Like any marketing technique, networking is most effective when done with intention and consistency. So why not everybody is successful in networking and building relationships with others? It’s not that most people are lazy or inept, but often they just don’t think about it or have a good model to follow.

To get a great networking model, why not study the technique of the greatest winner of friends the world has never known? As justifiably suggested by Dale Carnegie in his great book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”:

“Who is he? You may meet him tomorrow coming down the street. When you get within ten feet of him, he will begin to wag his tail. If you stop and pat him, he will almost jump out of his skin to show you how much he likes you. And you know that behind this show of affection on his part, there are no ulterior motives: he doesn’t want to sell you any real estate, and he doesn’t want to marry you”.

So let me share with you these 7.1 reasons that should help you win in the dog-eat-dog world of business … or at least give you paws to think. (Sorry.)

1. Network without fear

If you ever saw interaction between two dogs you will notice that in most cases although they are strangers to one another, but they instantly meet and greet those around them.  Dogs do not have fear when they meet people, they just take action.

Why don’t you try the same – in he next event just walk up to somebody, say hi, and introduce yourself to anyone who will listen. You will be surprise that it is much easier than you thought it will be.

2.  The Power of a Laugh

In many occasions when we see dogs it make us laugh. Dogs win us over with humor because they make us laugh at the things they do, the expressions they display etc.

It is about time that you stop taking yourself so seriously and being so boring. Start using good laugh and moments of fun with other people to really bond with them and develop a long lasting relationships. The more fun people have with you while interacting with you the bigger the chance they will want to develop relationships with you.

3. Explore the unspoken language

Dogs are excellent at using body language to convey a message to each other. This is the same thing that attract our attention to them.

When you interact with other people make sure to give thoughts to your body language, your gestures, your eye contact, your appearance and any other sort of non-verbal communication with the other person. By doing so you will connect faster with other people without the need to rely on your verbal communication.

4. Be Friendly and Playful

Dogs begin to play together almost immediately after meeting each other. They may start by a few initial sniffs, but almost immediately start chasing one another, and rolling over in the dirt.

You also should take action. Be the one who initiate, the one who make the first move , engage and invite others to join you for a fun social activity. Don’t hang back waiting for other people to make the first move. The only thing you need to sense is that there is some common ground with the other person.

5. Trick or Treat

You know that if you give a dog it’s favorite food you will bond with him. Giving a treat to a dog also helps in developing a relationships with them.

When you try to build relationship with other human being try to do the same. Invite them to a good meal, you will buy yourself a quality time to get to learn each other and to build a real and authentic relationships. Remember – when you build relationships you do not keep scoring.

6.   Your Enthusiasm is Contagious

It is wonderful for me always to see dogs that running and jumping all over the place and expend a lot of energy with people surrounding them.

Are you very active and lively in your interaction with other people? Do you openly share your enthusiasm and your passions when interacting with other people? Your happiness, joy and enthusiasm are contagious and effecting in many cases the quality of the interaction with others and the relationships you are building with them.

7.  Express yourself

Did you ever see a dog that verbally expressive, even without words?  You probably heard them bark or whimper, growl and yawn. Dogs do not hide their feelings and their needs…they make them known.

This is a very important tip for your next interaction with other people. Share with others exactly how you feel and what you really need. Guess what? You may just get some useful and authentic answers and feedback. That by itself will let you feel great and on a real path of bonding with the other person.

7.1  Be genuinely interested in other people

Dogs never read a book on psychology, but they know by some divine instinct that you can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you [Dale Carnegie].

Let me repeat it: ‘You can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people that you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you’.

Of course, you don’t want to emulate everything dogs do. But dogs certainly are a good leading example for human how to interact with each other and build relationships.

So stop being a pussycat, network like a pit-bull and you may get a new leash on life for your business.

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