Internal Networking: Window of Opportunities

Learn to use ‘Johari Window’ for your company growth

When you hear the word “Networking” What do you think immediately about? Most probably about external networking: Participating in networking events, conferences, seminars, training, the local chamber of commerce gathering etc. Right? Did you think about ‘Internal Networking’? Probably not. Rarely do people or professionals consider the importance of Internal Networking with their colleague or those […]

The Significance of ‘Customer Feedback’ for Business Growth

6 Reasons to help you to Retain your clients for a longer time

Let me ask you a fundamental question: how do you know if a service has been carried out successfully by you and that it has made the right impact? Do you know when a client decided to engage your services or buy your product they feel what you want them to feel? Was your service […]

How to use the ‘Amplification Effect’ to attract Business Referrals

Share WOM far and wide

In one of my latest events, I decided to check one of the principles I believed dearly in while practicing “Attentional networking” [see more in my book “The Attention Switch”]. I have asked all the hundreds of attendees 2 questions: first, how did they hear about the event and second based on what they decided […]


The Advantages of Working at a Large Company

By: Itzik Amiel, Bestselling Author of ‘The Attention Switch’; Founder & CEO, Power Networking Academy & Michael Soto, Co-Founder of Spark Collaboration It’s the morning rush and a flood of your coworkers are walking into the office building with you.  Despite working at the same company, most are complete strangers. As the elevator fills up and […]

Internal Networking: 3 Networking Myths Debunked

Another Fresh look at Networking, only if you want to connect.

By: Itzik Amiel, Bestselling Author of ‘The Attention Switch’; Founder & CEO, Power Networking Academy & Michael Soto, Co-Founder of Spark Collaboration It is important to network.  Networking well is critical to your success.  You’ve undoubtedly heard that before, but what is networking?   At its core it is about building relationships, but too often people […]

The Secret of the “Propinquity Effect”

How to secure your long term engagement with your contacts

I recently noticed a very interesting phenomenon – In my daily life, the people I got connected were many times are people who were ‘physically’ close to me. For example, my best friend from childhood used to live in our own building. The people I spent time with when we first moved to The Netherlands […]

Ask for Favours & Build your Relationships

How Benjamin Franklin can help you boost your business networking

How do you handle a situation in which an interested contact does not respond to your email? They fit into your niche market perfectly, and you are very interested building relationships with them. But for some reason, everything you do or say seems to push them away. Do you simply give up on them when […]

Last but not Least: Power your Networking style

How to make a great Last impression to grow your business and your personal brand

We’ve all heard “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Albeit true, if you start off on the wrong foot with a business relation, with your client or with an interviewer or recruiter, is there no recovery? Are you doomed to fail? What about the last impression, does it count? Let me […]

Go Networking When You are Busy: Right Timing Great Results

The Secret Strategy for Busy People to Grow your Career and Expand Your Business

I got an email last week from an entrepreneur that said: “Itzik, our business got slow. I need to start networking. Will you help me to know how to get new clients?” A common misconception about building your network is to do it while you are looking for a new job, a change in your […]