The “Endowment Effect” to increase your Business Referrals

How to get more and right referrals to your business

Let me ask you a question – Would you trade your current car for one that’s worth a few thousand more? Most people will answer negatively to this questions…even though, from a financial point of view, it’s a great trade. It was proven time-after-time, that we get attached to the things we own and subsequently put […]

How to Find a Mentor that Helps You Grow your Business & Attract New Clients

5 clear rules that let you find the real and the right one

Do you have a mentor? One of the issues that strike a chord with many small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they are caught up with the day-to-day running of the business leaving little time to work on growing up the business. Many entrepreneurs failing to build a system that will generate more referrals […]


One Essential Quality For Connecting

When you make worthy intent your going-in principle in your business relationships, then credibility, integrity, and authenticity—the three essential qualities for creating relational capital—will be more easily and readily expressed, and you will be well on your way to advancing every business relationship. Authenticity is about being honest with ourselves and our clients regarding who […]


10 Powerful Ways

I was asked many times to train or keynote for business executives from all over the world. About “Attentional Leadership”. One of my favorite subjects that I developed and research about for almost two decades. One of my principal objectives has been to share with the participants how nonverbal communications can be used to enhance interpersonal […]